Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Chapter 2: Thoughts...

WARNING: The following story is for Mature Audiences for Language, Content & Adult Situations. Reader Discretion is Advised.

Author's Notes: This Fictional Story and Characters, Jin and Jasmine, and all other Characters are Exclusively Copyright Protected and the Property of Robert Darrien... Enjoy!!!

by Robert Darrien

Jin looked deeply into Jasmine's beautiful dark brown eyes and replied, “I really like the way you taste and caressing your soft lips. There are a lot of things about you that I like but the best part is I’m still getting to know you and I’m sure there are a lot more things about you that I’ll like."

Jasmine looked away from his gaze as she tried to hide her blushing.

“Is he really sincere? Is he a player,” she thought as she looked out the window of the passenger seat. Her past relationships have made her suspicious and cautious about men but her body was still reacting to his voice as if it was teasing her with each soothing syllable.

“What do you like about me, like, what made you want to talk to me,” she asked in a caring, shy kind of way as she turned toward him.

Jin responded in a smooth, soothing tone, “You mean besides your bright smile, beautiful dark brown eyes, and soft brown skin? I’d have to say the way you carried yourself is what first caught my attention. There was something about you that made me want to get to know you more. It took a lot of courage to actually walk up to someone as beautiful as you but I’m glad I did."

“I’m really happy that you did too. Most guys walk up to me and try to spit their lame game or act like they want to be my friend then try and get in my pants. I feel different when I’m with you though.”

“I hope that’s a good thing,” he said smiling.

“It is. It’s really refreshing. I feel comfortable with you. Like I like that we could talk about different things like when you told me one of your favorite movies is ‘Gladiator’ and your favorite ice cream is ‘Mint Chocolate Chip’…"

“…and your favorite movie is ‘A Walk to Remember’ and your favorite ice cream is ‘Cookie Dough’,” he finished.

She laughed, “Yeah, you seem genuinely interested in me, what I like, and what I want to do with my life.”

“I guess it didn’t hurt that we talked on the phone for almost a whole week before we actually officially went out," Jin said.

“Yeah, that didn’t hurt either. I guess that’s why I’m not really nervous around you. I feel like I already know you,” she said.

“Yeah, I’m not nervous either. I’m really comfortable with you too. I didn’t know things were gonna turn out this way. I'm just taking things one step at a time,” he said as he slowly started caressing his fingertips down her thigh.

“You mean you didn't think we'd be hooking up in front of my house? Neither did I,” Jasmine said as she leaned over to kiss his lips.

As their lips met, Jasmine's body started reacting passionately to each subtle movement of Jin's lips and stroke of his tongue. Their tongues were exploring each other sending wave after wave of pure ecstasy pulsing throughout Jasmine's body causing her to rock her hips and twist her body toward him.

"Oh my God! What is he doing to me," she thought.

Her body started squirming, wanting to get closer and needing more of his touch. Without unlocking their lips sensual embrace, she leaned toward him kissing him more passionately and deeply over the arm rest. Jin then started slowly, teasing and pulling her body toward him.

Jasmine then angled her body so that her knees were now on the passenger seat and her upper body was leaning over him in the driver's seat. The car's windows were fogging up fast. Their hearts were pounding against each others' chests faster and harder. Nothing but heavy breathing and sensual moans of pleasure escaped Jasmine's lips from deep inside as Jin's hand started to caress the small lower region of her back with the tips of his fingers. With each gentle stroke, a tingly feeling started shooting through her making her legs shake and almost start to buckle.

Suddenly, a loud knocking on the window...



  1. WHAT?! WHO IS AT THE WINDOW?! Forever cock blocking my Jasmine and Jin....ahaha, but seriously. This was a very good addition to your story (finally!!) I wonder what will happen next...nonetheless, I can dig it! =)
    Keep it up!

    1. Thank you @Jemeelaa!!!!!!!!!! Your comments are fully appreciate. Thank you for your on-going support. Who do you think is at the window?

  2. About freakin time, Robert! Folks been waitin for Jin and Jas for a hot second. Good on ya, mate!!

    LOVE THE BLOG! It's beautiful. I love anything astronomy-related.


    1. Thank you @Amaya!!!!! I've been working on a few other projects but I'll do my Best to do better. How was the story? I'm hoping it was good to picture and made sense. :)

  3. I'm glad to see that you updated this story! I can't wait to read the next chapter. :)

    1. Thank you @panda!!!! It's on it's way, should be posted soon. :)

  4. Wow! I thought I was gonna have to get a cold glass of water. I look forward to more of this story.

    1. Thank you @chocolateOrchid!!! It really means a lot. What do you think of the Characters and the Story so far? Who do you think is at the Window?

  5. OMG, I hope she doesn't live with her parents lol, that would be messed up if that was like her dad lol!!!

  6. i can believe he said no! when she invited him to come inside wow. Jin is a keeper . i like a man thats hungry but not starving and thats Jin he desirer her wow. i think him say no to her make him more attractive.Again .... YOU LUCKY GIRL JASMINE.....BY the way happen at the end? who the hell is this? yoooo i think it might be a ex. then sucker rude like killer joy.. hope i right. i am going to find out .it's getting juicy

  7. OMG when he said “I really like the way you taste and caressing your soft lips." that had me blushing wowzers im blushing at every chapter like im jasmine omg lol good stuff!!

  8. Damn, it was getting so hot. That knocking on the window scared me. I just realized the time, too early, I need coffee :-). Its not nice to tease but I love it, lol.