Monday, March 26, 2012

Chapter 3: Encounter...

WARNING: The following story is for Mature Audiences for Language, Content & Adult Situations. Reader Discretion is Advised.

Author's Notes: This Fictional Story and Characters, Jin and Jasmine, and all other Characters are Exclusively Copyright Protected and the Property of Robert Darrien... Enjoy!!!

by Robert Darrien

“To the people in the vehicle, this is the police. Roll your windows down slowly,” said the voice on the outside of the driver’s side door.

Wide-eyed and shocked by the sudden interruption of their passionate moment, Jasmine quickly hopped out of Jin’s embrace in the driver’s seat and sat back in the passenger seat. They both looked at each other with panic and confusion in their eyes. As they sat there, all they could see through the fogged up windows were the flashing red and blue lights of the cop car in the rear and the officers’ flashlights peering through the driver’s side and passenger windows.

“What’s going on,” she asked.

“I don’t know. My car is parked and we’re in front of your house. I have no clue,” he said.

“I repeat, roll down your windows slowly. This is your last warning,” said the voice on the outside of the driver’s side door.

Jin put the key in the ignition and turned it slightly so that could give power to the automatic windows. As he slowly put the driver’s side window down, an incredibly blinding police flashlight was shining in his eyes and throughout the car.

“What seems to be the problem officer,” Jin asked as he could barely make out the police figure through the intense beam shining in his face.

“I’ll be asking the questions here. How many people are in your vehicle,” the officer said in an aggressive tone.

“Just me and her sir,” Jin replied.

“Roll down all the windows in your vehicle,” the officer commanded.

Jin did as he was told but he really didn’t appreciate the tone the officer had. As he rolled down the windows, the officer on the passenger side shined his flashlight throughout the backseat of the passenger side and then he moved toward the front of the car and shined it right in Jasmine’s face.

“What are you two doing,” said the officer on the driver’s side.

Jin replied, “Talking. I was just about to drop her off home. This is her house we’re in front of.”

“Both of you step out of the vehicle slowly,” the officer commanded.

The policemen both turned off their flashlights as both Jin and Jasmine stepped out of the car. Jin could now see the policeman that was barking orders to him and he had his hand on his holster. Sure to not make any sudden movements, he slowly walked toward the back of his own car as he got a good look at the officer. He was a white police officer about 5’8 to 5’10, buzz cut haircut, stocky, and had a really jerky-style attitude.

“Put your hands on the trunk of your car and spread your legs,” said the officer.

As Jin’s temper was rising with all the commands and orders he was given, he knew the best thing to do was keep his mouth shut and not make the situation worse. All he wanted was to make sure Jasmine was safe, but this embarrassing way how he was being treated was unacceptable. Worse than that, the panic stricken look on Jasmine’s face was almost more than he could bear. This is not how he wanted the night to end, but he had to do the best he could.

As Jin placed his hands on the trunk of his car and spread his legs, he looked over at the other officer directing Jasmine to move to the back of the vehicle too. The officer was black, 5’8 to 5’10, bald, skinny, and had a real grimy feeling about him. As Jasmine walked past the officer, a grotesque smile appeared on the officer’s face. An uneasy feeling took a hold of Jin as he saw it, but all he could do was clench his fists and grind his teeth.

“Place your hands on the trunk of the vehicle and spread those pretty legs of yours,” the officer said in a suggestive sexual tone.

Jasmine shot a look of anger and disgust at the officer, as she placed her hands on the trunk of the car and spread her legs.

“License and registration,” the white officer asked.

Jin replied, “My license is in my back left pocket and the registration is in the glove box.”

As the officer reaches into Jin’s pocket to get his license, he asks Jasmine where her license was. She pulled it out of her pocket and gave it to him.

“Let me see here. Jin, 20-years old, and it looks like you’re a Sophomore in College. Jasmine, 18-years old, and it looks like you’re a Senior from the High School. Do you know why we pulled you over?”

Jin and Jasmine both looked at each other thinking the same thing, “Pulled over? We were already parked,” but they both held their tongue.
Jin replied, “No.”

“We received a call from one of Jasmine’s neighbors saying there was a car smoking weed. Do you know anything about that,” the officer asked.

“One of my neighbors? Who could it be,” Jasmine thought.

“No sir, I have no idea,” Jin replied to the officer.

“That’s good. Well, how about your beautiful black girlfriend right here. Jasmine is it? Do you know anything about that? You look like you smoke some weed. What do you think, Officer Darrell,” the officer asked.

“She looks like a weed smoker Officer Dale. Guess I’ll just have to search her thoroughly myself to find out if she’s hiding any drugs on her person,” said Officer Darrell in a sexual tone.

Both Jin and Jasmine looked at each while both their hands were on the trunk of the car still and legs spread. At that moment, Officer Darrell walked up behind Jasmine and spread her legs even wider while Officer Dale did the same to Jin.

“Do you have any weapons, drugs, or anything that may stick me,” said Officer Dale.
Jin replied, “No,” as Officer Dale patted Jin down from his ankles, to his legs, to his body, to his arms.

The powerlessness and anger was swelling from deep inside Jin as every degrading, embarrassing second took a hold of him. Both Jin and Jasmine locked eyes and Jin could feel the fear, anger, and helplessness coming from Jasmine as Officer Darrell approached Jasmine from behind and it seemed like he was enjoying it.

“A beautiful young black woman like you out with an Asian guy? What, you couldn’t find any good black men out there,” said Officer Darrell.

He started at Jasmine’s ankles, then worked his way slowly up her legs sexually suggestively touching her legs, groping her lower thighs, then...

“Noooo…,” cried out from Jasmine’s lips as a tear ran down her cheek.
As Jin watched helplessly as the tear ran down Jasmine’s cheek, his anger went past his boiling point. The time for being silent was over. He erupted in a verbal onslaught of words unleashed upon the officers.

“What’s your name and badge number? Officer Darrell, right,” Jin burst out shouting in a commanding, firm tone. “I want to make sure I get the name and badge number so I can report this treatment and conduct to my Uncle who’s a lawyer and my other Uncle who is a Sergeant in the Police Force. What is your name too? Officer Dale, right? I want both your names and badge numbers now!”

Officer Darrell stopped and stood up and looked at Jin.

“You can have my name and badge number after I’m done,” Officer Darrell said.

“No, I want it now! We were parked in front of Jasmine’s house talking and you come interrupt us? We did everything you told us to do but this is unacceptable. We clearly aren’t the people you’re looking for. My Uncle taught me how police officers pat down suspects and this is definitely not how it’s done. You think I’m gonna just sit back and relax as you sexually assault Jasmine? I can’t wait to call my Uncle to describe every single detail of this experience so I can slap a lawsuit on both of you.”

Jin stared down both of the officers with anger in his eyes. Both officers looked at each other for a second wondering if Jin was serious.

Suddenly, the police radio operator interrupted, “To all units, to all units, shots have been fired, officer needs backup immediately.”

Officer Dale spoke into the radio as he looked at Jin, “This is cop car 101, we’re on our way.”

“We need our licenses and my registration before you go,” said Jin.

Officer Dale stared hard at him then he forcefully slapped the IDs back in his hand. As the officers got in their cop car and drove off, they stared at Jin and Jasmine as they blasted their sirens and sped off down the road.



  1. Grr that gives me memories of the movie crash and how mad I was that a racist police officer fingered this black woman infront of her husband bc he was racist. What gets me more mad is that sometimes it actually happens! But Good chapter! keep up the great work

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    1. >>>>> Thank you @dani!!!! It really means a lot to me. Your thoughtful comments help push me forward. Thank you!!! :)

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